Cruising with the locals

We hung out with my jewelry maker, Nengah and his family. He's like my bestie down here in Bali :D   We went out to Tabanan, which is at the foothills of the mountains, and deep in the rice patties. We road in a van packed with kids, bags of rice, offerings, street food, and jewelry.

We talked business on the way up the mountain and his son schooled me on my bahasa Indonesian, laughing every time I said something wrong. Fricken 8 year old's, ha!

The highlight was visiting their villages. We met the whole fam and ate Durian fruit. They roast coffee beans (dried in the sun) and made us a fresh cup of Bali Coffee, which has the grounds at the bottoms. They laughed when we told them that cup would be 40,000 rupiah ($4) in the states.

Later we went to see Ayuk's brother who was off road racing with the Bali motor-cross team. They race 5 hours through the jungle. It was wild.

Then we saw her other brother who runs an ATV park, where you ride through the rice patties. I was scared to ride, so the 10 year old cousin took the wheel. It was funny.

It was a good day. I am so blessed to have met Nengah.