How to start a business

Here are all of the 20 steps I have taken so far to set up my business. I struggled to figure it out, so thought I would share and maybe save you some time. 

It is listed in order. It has been about 4 weeks to get all of this accomplished, but you can certainly start doing other business things in the mean time ;)

Legal Zoom is a great resource for some of this stuff. You can pay them to help you set up the business, but for me it was better to do it on my own. Go here also for contracts. 

Make a nice cup of coffee & a little music, this might take a while..

1 | 1 Password

Use this to store all of your passwords and numbers. It make filling out paperwork SO much easier

2 | PO Box

Make sure to bring a utility bill

You can only have a PO Box in the city that you live

3 | Pick a Name

Do a search here for business names

Search Google as well to see what pops up

Tip- A name with two words is easier!

4 | California Statement of Information

I recommend using an LLC

5 | Name Reservation

6 | Domain Name

7 | Insta handle

Try to make it simple- no spaces or underscores

8 | Website

Wordpress- ThemeForest has some nice options

Squarespace -Easy drag and drop interface, this is what I use

9 | Link Domain name with website

Squarespace tutorial

Wordpress tutorial

10 | Google App for Work

Use this to set up emails that link with your business name

Store files on Google Drive

11 | Payment Processor

Stripe or Paypal, but Stripe is waaaay better

This is integrated within Squarespace which I love.

12 | Business License

13 | EIN -Employee Identification Number

14 | Tax Number

15 | Business Checking

I went with Chase. It is free as long as there is a min of $1500 in the acct every month.

16 | Mileage Plus number


American Airlines

17 | Credit Card

United Explorer Plus Chase Credit Card is what I went with

No Foreign transaction fees

Wait a week to make sure your business license is registered. 

18 | Sellers Permit

At the bottom add yourself as a “Manager”, then add yourself again as a member/manager. This is the hardest part

It will ask you for a NAICS code. Just pick one that corresponds the best here

For Payment Processor I use Stripe, then your business name as the “Merchant Card Processor Account”. For me that is Rising Blue (It is NOT a number)

Add Supplier: I don’t know if this is correct, but I just listed my own company and left the BOE# blank.

19 | Square Card Reader

20 | Happy Selling!